Saturday, 7 December 2013

Georgia and Churchkhela (Georgian snickers)

This summer I was lucky enough to travel to Georgia (Eurasia) with 25 great companions . It was amazing.

We stayed in tents on the outskirts of a tiny village, about an hour away from Tbilisi. Temperatures reached around 38 Celsius which was a challenge in itself for me (as I'm around 50% freckles).
Whilst there we cleared some bush land, created a football pitch, a damn (to improve the filtration of  the villages water supply) and we also created a cobbled path. All this was installed so it could be become an established campsite and as a result others can visit the area.

The locals were extremely hospitable; We went on an eight hour track up a waterfall and when we returned from our descent there was watermelon, milk and chicken waiting for us.

The countryside is the polar opposite to the lively city of Tbilisi, we drove for miles (Note: they are crazy drivers) and miles without seeing any manmade structures and when we did encounter little villages there was no more than a handful of houses and open stalls. It also seemed strange to me that all the gas pipes were above ground - probably cheaper to install?

The scenery stunned me, my cheap camera didn't justify the landscape. There were towering mountains and rolling green hills - at night I felt vulnerable as I heard howling and I was informed jackals were the culprit.

We were taught by the local women how to make Churchkhela or "Georgian Snickers". They are made out of grape juice and nuts and were on every market stall.

This is only a tiny snapshot of my Georgian adventure, I shall continue this post in the future!
I also have many more travel experiences to share as I have just returned from a trip around europe, so stay tuned!

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