Saturday, 7 December 2013

How to make a countryside walk interesting

I am up for a good countryside walk on two conditions;
1) It's not raining
2) There is the promise of a cafe at the end of the walk

Here are some of the (slightly weird) things me and my family do to ensure a good time...

1) Wear an appropriate pair of shoes I.e a pair you don't mind getting wet.
No matter how old there is something so freeing about being able to walk straight through a giant puddle rather make tremendous effort to doge round it.

Me and a good friend, dressed horrendously but appropriately.

2) Take scenic pictures
Instagram it yada yada yada

This is one of my favourite places

3) Find a natural feature and get creative

Kung foo style is always a winner and guaranteed fun
4) Bringing a bunch of your friends along always lifts the mood

Like little ants 

5) Do it the "ol' fashioned way"
Bring along a map, a compass and a first aid kit/whistle for when you get lost. Chose a random place to aim for on the map, then WALK

6) Have a good sing song (Note: recommended playlist: Disney)
Sometimes it can just be too quiet, release your inner Mulan

7) Find some ruins and imagine its history 

Ancient church or ancient pizza place?
8) Find some (safe) water and PADDLE

Refresh and relax

9) Get up close with the wildlife 
Be nosey but respectful

Ooo I hate snails

10) Appreciate that sunset
Take a picnic rug and a flask of hot chocolate and just appreciate

This Is near my home but I cannot take credit for this amazing photo

  Now get those walking boots on!

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